About the Show

Destination Beer is a new series that features travel destinations for craft beer and food lovers.

Our host, Chris Spradley will take viewers on a trip around the U.S. starring chefs, brewers, great food, craft beer and the hometowns where it all comes together. We’ll show you the sights of the cities and take you behind the scenes in your favorite breweries and restaurants where you will meet the people making the beers and dishes you love and watch them in action.

We’ll learn cooking and pairing from the pros and then feature the recipes on this site so you can create the same magic in your own kitchen.

We’ll also offer exclusive interviews in ‘Beers With…’, an online only segment, taking you deeper behind the scenes with the chefs and brewers you love.

So whether you’re a whiz in the kitchen and know your brews or prefer to simply enjoy the rewards of others’ expertise, travel with us to the next stop on Destination Beer!

Check out the Episode Guide for information on Season One which should be released in Spring of 2015.

About the Host:

Chris Spradley is the creator of Destination Beer and a 2010 Finalist on Master Chef on Fox. He has worked in the beer industry for the last 7 years on both the brewery side and on the retail side as a beer bar manager.

He is the host of “What’s On Tap Radio, a show about beer and the culture around it, with friend James Simpson. The two recently won 3rd place among all beer radio/podcasts in America from the North American Guild of Beer Writers at the 2014 GABF in Denver. Chris also organizes a variety of events including SAVOR-Houston, a beer and food pairing event that benefits veterans charities in Houston and often speaks at other beer events, typically on beer and food pairing.

Chris holds a B.S. in Radio/Television Communications with an emphasis in sports broadcasting from Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, TX. He has over 9 years of radio broadcasting experience and is a published writer, including a new book, A Dog’s Life. He has also worked in the TV and movie industry.

Like most beer lovers, picking a favorite beer or style is difficult but Chris enjoys everything from classic Pilsners to Stouts to tongue-numbing hoppy IPAs. His food tastes are varied but definitely lean to Southern comfort foods, Cajun and of course great BBQ.