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Beers with Laurie Delk of “100 Beers. 30 Days.”

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

On Saturday, while shooting the “I Am A Craft Beer Drinker” video with the New Brew Thursday gang at Stone Brewing, I was introduced to an awesome craft beer lover (and fellow Southerner) by the name of Laurie Delk. Laurie has been working on a project called “100 Beers. 30 Days.” After talking to her for just a few minutes, I knew we had to have “Beers With” Laurie and thanks to the NBT crew, we did!

Check out the interview below and then check out her blog and her Facebook page.

Beers with Laurie Delk of 100 Beers/30 days from Chris Spradley on Vimeo.

Italian Beer Fest at Beachwood BBQ

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Probably like most of you, when I think of craft beer, even European craft beer, I do not think of Italy. So when I first heard that Gabe over at Beachwood BBQ was hosting an Italian Beer Fest, I was surprised. What the heck is he gonna do with Birra Moretti or Peroni??

Turns out Gabe knew what he was doing. He organized a fabulous selection of Italian craft beers this past weekend and even brought some Italian brewers over for the Thursday night opening. I was able to make it last night (Friday) and enjoyed six surprisingly tasty Italian beers. I started off with the Pausa Cafe PILS which was highly carbonated but very good. From there, I enjoyed the Pausa Tosta, the Birreria Le Baladin Super Baladin, the Birrifico Grado Plate Chocarrubica, the Birrifico del Ducato Verdi Imperial Stout and finally the Birra del Borgo My Antonia, which is a collaboration with Dogfish Head. They were all really good although the Super Baladin was a bit too sour for my tastes. It was nice to learn that Italy has some really good craft beers even though they are obviously a wine dominated country. One of these days I will visit Italy and now I have some breweries on my list of places to go!
IMG 0417 150x150 Italian Beer Fest at Beachwood BBQ IMG 0415 150x150 Italian Beer Fest at Beachwood BBQ IMG 0416 150x150 Italian Beer Fest at Beachwood BBQ