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Stone 14th Anniversary Celebration recap

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

The Stone Brewing 14th Anniversary Celebration culminated last Saturday with their annual brewfest which was bigger than ever, taking place on the campus of California State University in San Marcos. As usual, Stone had a great selection of beers from breweries all over the world. There was plenty of food including Mike’s Famous Beer Cheese and Arrogant Bastard Onion Rings, both of which are excellent. And this year Stone added a Rare Beer section which included some very hard to find beers from all over the world including the Brewdog Tokyo, the Struisse

From the combined efforts of the Stone Brewing Company, the many breweries who donated beer to the events, the volunteers who worked the events, the Dye-Hards who had their hair dyed green and the attendees of the Brewer’s Reception and the Anniversary Brewfest who simply bought a ticket and drank some great beers, a total donation of over $180,000 will be distributed to some great charities in the Escondido and San Marcos areas.

Thanks to everyone who was a part of helping to change people’s lives for the better.

I’ll be posting some Beers With segments with Greg Koch, Dr Bill and others from the 14th Anniversary soon.

Dyeing my hair GREEN for charity!

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Ever do something just crazy, off the wall for fun? Sure, we all have. But what about doing that something to your appearance and doing it for charity?

That’s what I’m doing and I’m so excited!!

Every two years, during their anniversary celebration, Stone encourages people to join the Dye-hards by dyeing their hair a wacky color and helping to raise money for charity. This year, the chosen color is green and I am in!

I’d love to have your support. Check out the Dye-Hards website and look for me at #0068. Click on my button to donate and do it! 100% of the money goes to the Boys & Girls club and a few other charities.

I’m trying to raise at least $500. I know we can do it too!

I will be getting my hair dyed soon and will post pics as soon as it’s done!!