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Pints for Prostates LA Beer Festival

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Finally!! I have been wanting to announce the Pints for Prostates LA event for awhile and it has now reached the point where I can do so.

I initially got the idea for doing this event when I attended the Rare Beer Tasting in Denver at the GABF last year and had a chance to speak with the Pints For Prostates founder, Rick Lyke. Rick is a craft beer writer and homebrewer and had successful prostate cancer surgery in 2008. After his surgery, he was inspired to spread the message about the dangers of prostate cancer and do so through “the universal language of beer.” There have been many events all over the U.S. and it’s time for LA to step up to the plate and host an event.

The date for the event is June 19th, the day before Father’s Day, a day when people will obviously be thinking about the men in their lives. It will be held at Mr Pockets Sports Bar in Manhattan Beach, from 1pm-5pm. Tickets are $45 for a 5oz taster glass to be filled with over 20 craft breweries from around the world and a Woodford Reserve sample. There will also be food served from 1-3pm.

You can buy your tickets at Don’t wait, only 250 tickets will be sold!

Check out the Facebook event page for a list of breweries that will be pouring at the event. See you there!

Speakeasy Tour & Last day in SF

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Today was our final day in San Francisco before we catch a plane back to LA and while we wait for our delayed plane in the airport, I figured I’d update the blog.

Andrew and I only had a few things things on the agenda today, go to Rogue Public Alehouse and have a burger and some brews, visit Speakeasy Brewing and then Thirsty Bear for dinner. We decided to walk to Rogue from our hotel for the exercise since it was only a couple of miles but were disappointed to arrive at Rogue and find out they were not open for lunch and don’t open until 5pm. So we made the best of it and picked out an Italian restaurant with sidewalk seating and enjoyed a meal in the sun.

After lunch we caught a cab to Hunter’s Point, the business district of San Fran, which is where Speakeasy Brewing is located. We had a tour all set up for us by Meg and were able to meet the head brewer, Kushal Hall, and check out the brewery. Speakeasy has been around for 13 years but maintains all of the brewing and bottling in a reasonably small warehouse considering their popularity and production. Of course we got to enjoy some quality brews including one of my favorite Speakeasy beers, the Old Godfather Barleywine. Truly an excellent beer! We also enjoyed a Big Daddy IPA straight off the bottling line which was just fabulous!

After that we were hungry again and since our flight wasn’t until late (and then was delayed by 2 hours), we decided to hit the Thirsty Bear but they were closed for Martin Luther King Day. So after we picked up our luggage, we settled on going to The Monks Kettle for a quick dinner and a few brews. We met the resident beer guru, a Certified Cicerone, Sayre Piotrkowski, enjoyed some tasty beers including some ’06 Stone RIS and a very good dinner. I’ll definitely keep them on my list next time I’m in SF.

Overall, it was a great weekend trip and I will be making plans to visit again soon!

IMG 0421 150x150 Speakeasy Tour & Last day in SF


IMG 0432 150x150 Speakeasy Tour & Last day in SF
IMG 0444 150x150 Speakeasy Tour & Last day in SF

Head brewer Kushel Hall at Speakeasy

IMG 0447 150x150 Speakeasy Tour & Last day in SF IMG 0452 150x150 Speakeasy Tour & Last day in SF

Celebrator anniversary party at Trumer Brauerei

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

The closing ceremonies for SF Beer Week took place tonight with the Celebrator Beer News Anniversary Party at Trumer Braurei and wow, what a closing!

I had never been to Trumer’s brewery in Berkeley before so visiting and taking a tour of the facilities was totally cool. They have a huge location and talk about state of the art! It was pretty cool. The event itself was awesome too. Lots of good food including some tasty tri tip and a whole lotta good beers including my first taste of New Belgium’s Ranger IPA. Meg Gill from Speakeasy was working hard as she always does and there were plenty of others as well. I was pretty surprised to see Shiner Bock there but discovered that the company that owns and distributes Trumer, Gambrinus, also handles Shiner. The whole place was packed with local beer lovers and was a great way to close out SF Beer Week. Afterwards, we closed out the night with a few people from the party, including the Beer Wench and Rose Ann Julson from Shiner, at a local Mexican restaurant and a few more beers. It was a good day.

IMG 0390 e1273732686214 Celebrator anniversary party at Trumer Brauerei IMG 0393 300x225 Celebrator anniversary party at Trumer Brauerei

San Francisco Beer Week (end)

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

On my list of things to do this year was attend San Francisco Beer Week. I couldn’t do the whole week but along with my Ale Club buddy Andrew, I was able to come up for the final weekend.

We flew up from LA this morning (Saturday) and after checking in to our hotel, we hailed a cab and headed immediately for Haight-Asbury and the Magnolia Pub for their Pre-Barleywine Brunch, in reference to Toronado’s Barleywine Festival. We filled up on some seriously good food with a build your own English breakfast and enjoyed a few tasty beers of course. My favorite in name was definitely the Old Thunder Pussy Barleywine from Magnolia. It was very tasty too! The Twist of Fate from Moonlight Brewing was also very good.

After that we headed down the street to attend the Barleywine Festival which I was really looking forward to. Barleywines are my favorite style and I heard they were going to have a vertical of Sisyphus from Real Ale in Texas. When we got there though, we realized that this was a VERY popular event and that some people had even arrived 2 hours early to stake their table. It was absolutely packed when we got there. I made my way in but it was literally so crowded that moving through it was impossibly difficult and ordering a beer? Fuhgedddabotit.

We did manage to grab a couple of sausages from Rosamunde next door but after realizing how hopeless our mission was at Toronado, we headed across the street to another place called Molotav’s. Turns out, it was a good choice. They had some nice brews on tap and I ran into Mitch Steele from Stone and Mark Silva, who created We hung out there for a little bit and then headed down the street to a little place called Noc Noc. They were hosting a Speakeasy event called the St. Valentine’s Mobster Massacre and had some nice Speakeasy brews on tap including one of my favorite IPAs, the Big Daddy and the former Black Daddy now known as the Scarface Stout. And I ran into Meg Gill, the wonder-woman sales manager for Speakeasy. She is a fireball to be sure and had been very busy helping to organize SF Beer Week along with promoting Speakeasy at various events.

After that, we were feeling pretty good and along with having to get up as early as we did for the flight, it was time for a nap back at the hotel before the revelry continued later.

And continue it did. We headed to Churchkey for their Elysian Brewing night. I didn’t know much about them but I discovered one of my new favorite beers in the world… the Bye-Bye Frost Double IPA. It was soooo excellent that I had three! I also had a chance to meet Mike & Lisa Hinkley from Green Flash Brewing and enjoyed a great conversation with them, as well as a few Green Flash brews. Ashley Routson, aka The Beer Wench, also showed up with a friend of hers named Catherine and Tyler King, the brewer at the Bruery and Matt Salie from Big Sky Brewing made appearances as well. It was a pretty cool group and we all had a good time.

But the one thing we were missing was food. We wanted to head to Rogue but didn’t get that far as someone suggested a great Italian restaurant (I think called Ristorante Ideale) that was nearby. So Andrew, Catherine, myself and other person headed over there. They were closing up but let us in anyway and I’m so glad they did. We had some really good food, from the bread, to the Caesar salad and most importantly, the absolute best ravioli I have ever had in my life. It had lobster in it and was bathed in a wonderful tomato and brandy sauce that I could not get enough of. I WILL go back there when I visit SF again.

We had a great meal and for some reason felt the need to order a bottle of wine, which we did not finish. By the time that meal was done, so was our group. It had been a loooonnngggg but really good day and it was time to head back to the hotel and call it a night.

Toronado Barleywine Fest 300x225 San Francisco Beer Week (end)Gang at Churchkey 300x225 San Francisco Beer Week (end)

Lucky Baldwin’s IPA Festival

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Last night the Los Angeles Ale Club was in Pasadena at Lucky Baldwin’s for their IPA Festival, going on this week.  They have 52 taps of hops filled, mind blowing IPAs.  We had a great time and I savored some really great IPA’s including the Port Brewing 3rd Anniversary, the Speakeasy Double Daddy IPA, and the Avery Maharaja.  What a great time with a great bunch of people at a great beer bar!  Check out some of the pics here.

An episode on Lucky Baldwin’s is in the works!