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GABF Day 1: Thirsty Thursday

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Day two of the GABF was actually the first official day of the event and there was plenty of things going on!

We started our day at the Great Divide Brewing open house for industry folks. It was great to see so many people from other awesome breweries visiting Great Divide and enjoying some great beers and great food. I started with the Titan IPA and followed that closely by the Hoss, made with Rye. Both are truly delicious beers! They also served BBQ and various cheeses. The Great Divide brewery is bigger than I expected and very spread out. It’s always fascinating to visit different breweries and I enjoyed Great Divide.

The first GABF session kicked off at 530pm, although we went in early with other media and industry folks, and very quickly a line formed for New Glarus and Dogfish Head. I chose New Glarus and tried the Raspberry Tart which tasted like a carbonated fruit drink. It was tasty! I wish I could tell you each of the great beers that I had a chance to try but that would make this a very long post. Trust me when I say, you should attend GABF and find out for yourself!

The Farm to Table event is one of my favorites and I was not disappointed. There were 12 breweries serving two beers that were expertly paired with a dish. I ran into Stone CEO Greg Koch, Ska Brewing’s Arlo Guthrie and I got to meet Sebbie from Rogue, aka “the Chocolate Stout lady on the bottle.” I thought that was very cool because I really love that beer. So far as chocolate stouts go, at least in my opinion from the ones I’ve tried, that one most closely tastes like rich chocolate without the alcohol heat that some have.

I also ran into Victory Brewing CEO Bill Covaleski who was talking to people about beers and food and took some time to share with us a little about the pairings at the event and what is happening at Victory during a “Beers With” segment we did.

Preview tasting of the Stone 14th with Mitch Steele

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

The Stone 14th Anniversary Ale will be released this coming Monday, June 21st and I had a chance to hang with head brewer Mitch Steele and learn how they came up with the Emperial IPA for this year’s anniversary beer. Dr Bill even joined in for his first taste of the 14th!

Preview of Stone Brewing’s 14th Anniversary from Chris Spradley on Vimeo.